Riding buses and trains in Connecticut is now FREE for most students at participating U-Pass CT schools! The cost of the program is already included in your student fees, so all you need is your U-Pass CT and your valid student ID and you’re on your way. Use yours TODAY!

Schools participating in the U-Pass CT program include:

  • Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield
  • Capital Community College, Hartford
  • Gateway Community College, New Haven
  • Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport
  • Manchester Community College, Manchester
  • Middlesex Community College, Middletown
  • Norwalk Community College, Norwalk
  • Three Rivers Community College, Norwich
  • Tunxis Community College, Farmington
  • Central CT State University, New Britain
  • Southern CT State University, New Haven
  • Western Connecticut State University
  • University of Connecticut, Avery Point
  • University of Connecticut, Hartford
  • University of Connecticut, School of Law
  • University of Connecticut, Stamford
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs
  • University of Connecticut, Waterbury


Transit systems participating in the U-Pass CT program include:

    • CTtransit statewide** (including CTtransit Express and CTfastrak)
    • CTrail Hartford Line trains between New Haven and Springfield, including Amtrak Hartford Line trains. U-Pass is not accepted on Amtrak Vermonter (trains 54, 55, 56 and 57) or Amtrak Northeast Regional (140, 141, 143, 146, 147, 148, 157) trains.
    • CTrail Shore Line East trains. Not valid for shoreline Amtrak trains.
    • CTrail New Haven Line (Metro-North) trains in Connecticut up to the state border. Not valid for travel to NY or on shoreline Amtrak trains.
    • Greater Bridgeport Transit
    • Norwalk Transit
    • Housatonic Area Regional Transit
    • Milford Transit
    • South East Area Transit
    • Windham Region Transit District
    • Magic Carpet
    • Northwestern CT Transit District
    • 9 Town Transit
    • Middletown Area Transit
**It is NOT accepted on the I-Bus (971) Express from Stamford to White Plains.


How to Use:

Have your U-Pass and valid student ID ready when you board any of these services.

Conditions of Use:

  1. U-Pass CT valid for use by students enrolled at participating colleges & universities. Eligibility to obtain a U-Pass is determined by the college or university.
  2. U-Pass CT is valid for unlimited rides on local & express buses in Connecticut, CTfastrak, CTrail Shore Line East, CTrail Hartford Line, in-state CTrail New Haven Line (Metro-North) services, and Amtrak trains operating between New Haven / Springfield (except Vermonter Trains 54, 55, 56 & 57). Not valid on private inter-city bus carriers or on other Amtrak routes.
  3. Not refundable or transferrable. Lost, stolen or damaged passes must be reported to student’s college or university. Replacements may not be available; replacement policy is determined by the student’s college or university
  4. User must show valid college or university ID to bus operator, train conductor, or fare inspector when using the pass. Name of college or university on ID must match the college or university name printed on the pass. Pass is not valid without ID (altertnate form of payment required).
  5. Do not fold, bend, or place near magnet. Lost, stolen or destroyed passes should be reported to issuing school.
  6. U-Pass CT valid for the period printed on the face of the pass. 


1. Who is eligible?

Please refer to the list of participating schools.

2. For how long is the pass effective?

The fall 2020 semester U-Pass covers August 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

The spring 2021 semester U-Pass covers Jan 1, 2021 through July 31, 2021. 

3. What is the cost?

Each school pays $20 per enrolled student.

4. How do students get the U-Pass?

Students get their U-Pass directly from their college/university. UConn students should contact Transportation Services at upass.uconn.edu. Students at all other participating colleges and universities should contact their Bursar’s Office to obtain a pass. 

5. What is required for students to use the U-Pass and on what types of transportation can it be used?

Students must present a valid student ID from their college/university every time they use the U-Pass for travel.  Students can use the unlimited semester pass to travel within the state on rail or bus including CTtransit, CTtransit express, CTfastrak, CTrail Shore Line East and CTrail Hartford Line. Please refer to the list of participating transportation providers.

6. What happens if student attends multiple Connecticut State Colleges and University schools?

A student will only be charged once for the pass. Students will need to request a waiver from their second school after the payment of the first fee. Proof of the first payment will be required.

7. Does U-Pass work on CTrail Hartford Line trains?

U-Pass is valid on CTrail Hartford Line trains and Amtrak trains operating between New Haven / Springfield (except Vermonter Trains 54, 55, 56 & 57).

8. Does U-Pass work on Amtrak?

U-Pass is not valid on any shoreline Amtrak trains. It is valid on Amtrak trains on the CTrail Hartford Line between New Haven and Springfield, MA except the Vermonter (trains 54, 55, 56 and 57).